Esperanza Spalding by Holly Andres 2

I feel honored just to have a little piece of one of my paintings visible in such amazing photos from such an eminent artist, of such an eminent artist

Memphis weblog

Because of my extreme advanced age, I decided I needed to begin documenting my memories, collecting the memories and impressions of others’ the best I can, then making it all accessible— so here is my weblog about my years in Memphis.

Esperanza Spalding by Holly Andres

Taken at my friend Sandra’s house. On the wall is my portrait of her 🙂


My body shone so brightly in the sun that I felt very proud of it and it did not matter now if my axe slipped, for it could not cut me. There was only one danger–that my joints would rust; but I kept an oil-can in my cottage and took care to oil myself whenever […]