Unicorn, Chaos Gallery, May—July, 2019

Profiles in Exquisite Torture: Life Painting in front of a large audience (not pictured)  

The Sounds of Love

Scanner — The Sounds of Love (26:15; 36.1MB); Transmitted on 13th February 2002; BBC Radio Scotland  

Public Works — Substance

I have often held in my hand a black walnut. It has a shell like stone. It has many internal stony reinforcements. But in between is an unimpressive, unimportant-looking meaty substance that has a mysterious and tremendous power. If you plant this seed under certain circumstances, heat is produced inside. Now, whether it is a […]

Dale Cooper & Dictaphones — Métamanoir 2015 Reissue

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Esperanza Spalding by Holly Andres 2

I feel honored just to have a little piece of one of my paintings visible in such amazing photos from such an eminent artist, of such an eminent artist