Hi, My name is R. Elliott Wall III, or Elliott for short. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA in 1974, grew up mainly in Memphis and throughout Florida, and currently live in Portland, Oregon. I’m a classic vata-pitta, 4w3, wood tiger virgo/sagittarius/gemini INFP, I made a 466 on the MAT exam, I speak Russian badly, and my blood type is […]

Memphis weblog

Because of my extreme advanced age, I decided I needed to begin documenting my memories, collecting the memories and impressions of others’ the best I can, then making it all accessible— so here is my weblog about my years in Memphis.

Noam Chomsky wrote me back

Like most people, one of my favorite subjects is how the United States is going to hell in a hand-basket. I’m not that different from the average rabid Tea Partier in this sense really, except that I tend to attribute certain problems to different causes. Noam Chomsky is in my pantheon of household gods. My […]