2017-01, Elliott Wall, Alles ist schoen, oil on linen, 60×90″, 08

Всё Красиво (detail)

This is another “Map Room” painting, where an admittedly casual, not-very-rigorous, artistic attempt is made to illustrate an idea. The piece began as a picture of Socrates’/Diotima’s Ladder of Beauty, then a group of itinerant Tibetan monks whom I had the delight to converse with inspired me to invoke the image of manifestations of goddess Tara (to head off any charge of cultural appropriation, I must share that I was actively urged to do this painting). The spectral representation of the figures is to make the piece a kind of Venn diagram: in the material world, most everything will be a zero-sum game— it is only in the creative realm where two things can occupy the same space, and so it is with beauty.