The Eight Seasons of Chromalox

The Eight Seasons of Chromalox

This track has been on lots of blogs ever since it was posted on WFMU’s unforgettable and amazing 365 Day Project from ten years ago, but a lot of ink has been spilled over it, it being sort of a pretext for various blog people to do lots of pseudo-social commentary and snarky cheap shots at pre-post-modernist consumer culture suburban Americana. Just because something is funny and quaint doesn’t really mean it’s something to laugh at. I genuinely love this recording and think it should be appreciated for it’s sincerity (as well as artistry and high production values). I can imagine that the little girl reading poetry is the CEO’s granddaughter. The CEO…? Yes, this was made by the Chromalox corporation in 1970, and it’s a 10 minute song about an HVAC system.

Autumn tears me up, it’s really wonderful.

2 thoughts on “The Eight Seasons of Chromalox

  1. I second this motion! I love the Autumn song…it’s the kind of song that makes you feel glad it’s cold outside.

  2. I totally agree. Incredible compositions, one for each season. I tingle when I listen to this. Chromalox remains a great American company, too. They should consider a reprise of this concept…

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