The Illustrated Dream


Artist, girl on the Dale Cooper Quartet and the Dictophones album cover, former significant other and friend Revati Locke wakes up every day and draws or paints the dreams she’s just had, then adds them to her dream journal weblog. Every picture is consistently amazing and interesting. I look for tropes and sometimes find them, but the best thing is that I really don’t think she’s trying to do anything except keep a record of her dreams— she’s a truly natural, compulsive artist, so everything simply appears, rather than being “thought up” or planned; when art is improvised like this it comes from a deeper place. I wish I could follow those impulses, as well as be free with my style like she is.

In high school ‘Vati and I each went to an art Summer program MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee called Governor’s School, where we met 20 years ago this month.

One thought on “The Illustrated Dream

  1. Hey e! Thanks for the post & compliments. I think you’ve pretty much summed it up .. even though dreams themselves have tropes, I do pretty much bang it out. And I don’t always like what I get – but it’s been liberating to share it anyway! I used to be pretty militant about what I showed, highly censorial. And then working in architectural design – it just was not even an option to present second rate work to a client (if you could help it).

    However, for me .. right now, the virtue of the whole thing is in the process – that after ten years of not making anything (because I didn’t know what to “say”) – there comes into existence (however flimsily) something that wasn’t there the day before. Over and over again. At first, I was waiting for a deeper theme or voice or message to emerge/coalesce but I’m beginning to suspect that there is no other/deeper story to tell. It’s about method.

    After making a list of things that inspire me, it was impossible to ignore that 70% of the things on that list had to do with “development”. So, as much as I feel that I have absolutely no recourse to it – I think I won’t be fully satisfied with my images until they are “moving” .. developing. Animated!

    We’ll see. Been trying to rope Kris into it for years now, but I think it’s time to go solo. Haha. Thanks again for posting. Fun to share!


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