8 thoughts on “My Grandmother’s Scrapbook from 1939

  1. Hi there…! No, these are from my Mom’s Mom’s scrapbook. Truly a side of her personality I had never seen.

    She must have been an interesting teenager. She told me once how when she was about 16– a year or two before the US entered WWII… around the time these were clipped?– she and her best friend were talking about current world events, when her friend said that she and her family thought Hitler was terrific and they couldn’t wait for him to come over to the US to set things straight…! My Grandma apparently announced that they could no longer be friends, then stating that soon the whole world would see what kind of person he truly was.

    1. HAH! I’m glad you got to see this… as we first began turning pages I kept wondering how long it would be before we encountered the hi-larious hijinks and misadventures of unfortunate darkies… there isn’t any of that, fortunately (I mean, not that wouldn’t be interesting)! But I do need someone to explain some of these strips to me, such as any of the really opaque ones on the “Summer Boarders” page. Hairline Harry, however, is simplicity itself– like when he eats grapes and… now he looks like grapes!

  2. Well I pulled Charissa in on this and she & I think that your Grandmother was obviously a existential philosopher as a youngster, given the “Summer Boarders” for example 🙂

    Just look at the apathy. The laziness of her summer afternoon complimented by the cartoon character’s focus on minutiae-laden time driven by movement. Oh the things that pass by!

    On a Speedboat, Telegraph poles…


  3. It is an insightful juxtaposition and I think you’re right. A quick search for Crockett Johnson brought up a website tribute page: “In September 2012, the University Press of Mississippi will publish my Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss: How an Unlikely Couple Found Love, Dodged the FBI, and Transformed Children’s Literature.” ( http://www.k-state.edu/english/nelp/purple/ )

  4. Well, the images are gorgeous. They caught my eye for several reasons (not least of which is the nostalgia, of course). Recently, I started collecting vintage magazines for painting references (mostly photos) .. the kind of things you can cut up and buy for $10 a box, if you’re lucky; nothing as gorgeous as this scrapbook.

  5. My grandmother died today. We had gotten closer over the past few when I’d come to visit Memphis. We are all very sad and she will be missed.

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