Hi! My name is R. Elliott Wall III, or Elliott for short. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA in 1974, grew up mainly in Memphis and throughout Florida, and currently live in Portland, Oregon. I’m a classic vata-pitta, 4w3, virgo/sagittarius/gemini quasi-Wagerian, would-be-Slytherin-but-in-fact-Hufflepuff INFP, I made a 466 on the MAT exam, and my blood type is A+ (4 gallon donor)— if you happen to be one of those types of people who enjoys thinking of individuals as fitting certain types. I speak Russian badly, I teach electronics at EG Robotics, and my art studio is at Splendorporium. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if for any reason you feel the need!

This website is my personal journal of achievement and is a living document, so I may from time to time change or delete the content here. You will be relieved to know that I don’t expect anyone to actually read any of this stuff: it is strictly a journal for my own edification and enjoyment. I do not possess any degrees or credentials whatever, so also be warned that under no circumstances should I be thought to be speaking authoritatively* on any subject.

* It is my most ardent hope that soon we all will get rid of the idea that any individual actually does have or ever would need authority: what passes for “authority” is really always only ever some kind of implied threat or potential of force. For this reason individuals cannot have legitimate authority- only ideas can. If anything or anyone has true merit then force is not necessary.

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  1. I took much better photos of you that evening in this getup! This one is so grainy, but the lighting and mood fitting. That was our most creative Halloween. I spent so much time making my period perfect dress I really ought to be wearing it every year.

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