Hi! My name is R. Elliott Wall III, or Elliott for short. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA in 1974, grew up mainly in Memphis and throughout Florida, and currently live in Portland, Oregon. I’m a classic vata-pitta, 4w3, wood tiger virgo/sagittarius/gemini, would-be-Slytherin-but-in-fact-Hufflepuff INFP, I made a 466 on the MAT exam, I speak Russian badly, and my blood type is A+ (5 gallon donor)— if any of that helps paint a picture. The only social media I have anything to do with are Dialectic, Empathy, and Respect. I do have a Patreon page, however.

The weblog is my personal journal of achievement and is a living document, so I may from time to time change or delete the content here. You will be relieved to know that I don’t expect anyone to actually read any of this stuff: it is strictly a journal for my own edification and enjoyment.